Functional Approach To Medicine

Many twenty-first century chronic illnesses are caused by environmental and nutritional factors. This has to do with what kind of food the human body consumes. It has a lot to do with what it touches as well. Needless to say, the air that you breathe is a factor as well. The functional medicine redmond wa clinic is hoping to pinpoint those triggers that are causing illness in the body. And then addressing these through its effective use of what it calls functional medicine.

functional medicine redmond wa

The determination of optimal ways of eating is based on the human body’s uniqueness in responding to a variety of natural invasions to the body’s immune system and physiological make-up. Determining appropriate eating patterns carries with it a strong emphasis on identifying and then managing food allergies. Patients with complex allergies and sensitivities need to be tested and treated directly at the functional medicine clinic.

Tests in order of its appropriateness to the unique immunological and physiological condition will include sublingual allergy desensitization and exposures to mold, chemicals and mycotoxins. Immunotherapeutic doses are optimal. Antigen therapy carries a low dose. Patients will be given advice on how to produce a home environment that is low in allergens and free of toxins. Counseling could be emotional and psychological.

This side of the functional medical treatment will be conducted by a medically trained family therapist. Help is given towards achieving that healthy life span by utilizing targeted nutritional supplements and a form of therapy known as external enhance counterpulsation (EECP). Alongside of this will be high doses of oxygen therapy. Depending on test results, functional medicine treatment and therapy could include treatment for fibromyalgia.

Apart from looking at symptoms conventionally, there is an emphasis on detecting and countering external factors as is unique to the patient or test subject.

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